The agreement will be between HWB International BVBA (hereinafter named HWB), with registered office, Vlamingstraat 4, 8560 Wevelgem, Belgium. Registered with the register of the Belgian Chamber of Commerce under BE 869.926.385. And;

The Buyer, who by clicking the button ‘order’ agrees with the terms and conditions of the agreement. 

HWB aims for a delivery period of 4 working days. The buyer can return Maca within 7 days, without reason. The return shipment will be at the risk of the buyer. The buyer is required to return the product unused and in its original package.

HWB has the right to resolve the agreement for undisclosed reasons. If HWB wishes to exercise this right, it has to resolve the agreement within 7 days after closing of the agreement and has to inform the buyer per written or electronic mail at the address provided by the buyer. Consequently HWB will not carry out the order that has been made by the buyer and will not use any power of authorization granted by The Buyer.

To execute the agreement, HWB records the personal data of The Buyer. This data can be used outside of the agreement to inform The Buyer about products and services of HWB. If The Buyer does not wish to receive this information, HWB has to be notified in writing at the above address.

All offers on HWB websites are without engagement and HWB retains the right to change prices at any time.

An agreement is only concluded after acceptance of your order by HWB. HWB is entitled to refuse orders or to apply additional conditions to the delivery, unless it has been explicitly specified otherwise. If an order is not accepted, HWB will communicate this within ten (10) working days after receipt of the order.

The terms of delivery on HWB websites are only indicative. Exceeding the terms of delivery does not give The Buyer any right to compensation nor the right to terminate the order or to dissolve the agreement, unless the exceeding of the terms of delivery is such that it cannot be reasonably expected from The Buyer to hold on to the agreement. In such case, The Buyer is entitled to terminate the order or to dissolve the agreement if necessary.

The delivery of the products will be carried out at the place and time in which the products are ready for shipment to you.

For any misunderstanding, delay, damage or the not adequately arrival of orders and messages following the use of internet or any other means of communication between you and HWB, insofar as this concerns the relationship between you and HWB, HWB is not liable unless HWB can be held liable for an intentional act or omission, or intentional recklessness.