• The orginal Maca tablets. They contain 800mg pure maca powder per tablet. This tablet is ideal to start with maca if you're not sure which dosage works the best for you. They also don't contain any other ingredients and are fit for people who are allergic to soja.

ALL POSITIVE PROPERTIES OF PURE MACA IN TABLET FORM POSITIVE TRAITS provides more energy the hormonal balance restores menopausal ailments reduces increases libido 100% MACA, 100% ENERGY Joyvit® Maca 800mg tablet contains the original, raw and 100% organic Maca. No additives or extracts, but pure Maca powder. Where the concentrated Joyvit® Maca 333mg Softcaps example contain soy, that is not the case here. That makes the tablets highly suitable for people who are prone to allergies. IDEAL INTRODUCTION You do not know exactly what dose of Maca you need? Then this tablet perfect to start with. Step by step you will learn about the many benefits of Maca. Some people notice after a few days all the difference! PRODUCT SHEET 100% organic Maca No additives / extracts Ideal to start with maca 800mg Maca Powder 100 tablets / jar 3 to 6 tablets / day CNK: 2538-478 INGREDIENTS 800mg Maca powder – Filler: microcrystalline cellulose



Recommended Daily Dose1 tablespoon
Galenic Formpowder
Quantity180g powder
Maca Lepidium Meyenii180g
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